[V] Vegetarian [VO] Vegetarian Option [GF] Gluten Free [GFO] Gluten Free Option [VG] Vegan [VGO] Vegan Option [DF] Dairy Free [DFO] Dairy Free Option

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Something Light
  • Sweets
  • Kid's
  • Drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Black rice, coconut porridge, strawberry compote, almonds, coconut flakes [GF, VG] 17

  • Toast Ciabatta, multi-grain, dark rye, pumpkin or olive loaf. [Gluten-free or fruit loaf add 2] Choice of jam, vegemite, marmalade, peanut butter or leatherwood honey  10
  • Eggs Your Way; soft poached, fried, scrambled or vegan scrambled tofu on ciabatta [GFO, VGO] 14
  • Pancakes, chocolate custard, coconut malt crumble, vanilla ice cream, burnt white chocolate chard [V](Add maple syrup 1.5 or bacon 7)  22

  • Avocado, roast butternut pumpkin, parsnip and caraway cream, poached eggs, multi-grain loaf, shaved ricotta salata, smoked pepita seeds, soft herbs [GFO, VGO] 23

  • Bombay eggs, tomato spiced curry, yoghurt, roti bread, poached eggs, carrot ribbons, coriander leaf [GFO, V](Add mushrooms 4.5, rosti 6 or bacon 7) 23

  • Our Benedict, chuck steak, red pepper, kidney bean ragout, corn mozzarella bread, smoky potato chips, hollandaise sauce [GFO](Add chorizo 7 or bacon 7)  26


  • Maple syrup or tomato sauce 1.5
  • Toast, ice cream 2.5
  • Hollandaise, relish, L&V home-made chilli sauce or extra egg 3
  • Roast tomatoes or sliced/smashed avocado, grilled mushrooms or saute spinach 4.5
  • Persian feta, haloumi or potato rosti 6
  • Bacon, chicken, chorizo or smoked salmon 7

NB: 3.0 surcharge applies to sides only order

Something Light

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